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southbound passing mission that traffic looks good, 5:87 let's go back to the -- 5:58 let's go back to the desk. we will have more on how long the rain will last. oscar pistorius is tearful back in the courtroom in south africa, what he said about the fatal shooting of his girlfriend. stay tuned.
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. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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we are ready, good morning, it is tuesday february 19th, i am dave clark. thank you for waking up with us, steve is here covering rain, how much do you think we will get? >> a quarter of an inch, we have winter weather advisories from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 and it could be interesting weather seeing some of that green rain i'm sure up into lake county and the key is upper 50s and lower 40s but the afternoon is a lot more active and maybe some thunderstorms and again very low snow levels, here is sal. it is a lot more crowded today than it was yesterday and we have some rain to deal with, just enough that we will have more crashes reported. that traffic does -- traffic does look good, we are on storm watch this morning. wet weather is moving across the northern part of the bay
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area, and alex savage is reporting conditions up in petaluma for the past 90 minutes and how is it looking right now alex? >> we have not seen any rain for the past hour and a half and that does not mean roads are not slick and as we push closer just south, we are starting to see the southbound traffic which slowed down for a bit for whatever reason in this area. let me show you what things looked like when the rain was coming down, steady rainfall this morning, and the roads were wet for a while, this was again along highway 101 in petaluma. as you head out, you obviously want to be prepared and they will be slick and give yourself some extra time on the way to work and school this morning. some areas could get up to a half inch of rain and of course water agencies are ready for the rain, it is the third
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dryest on record. the south bay needs 50% full right now and if you compare that to the supply in the east bay north bay and peninsular, the reservoirs are nearly full. there is also the potential as this storm begins to clear out for thunderstorms in the bay area and it's also a possibility of hail. we are in petaluma, there is no rain in about the last half hour and we will continue to track and let you know when more rain begins to fall. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we want to show you what it looks like up in the sierra as well and take outlive interstate 808 and snow -- 880 and snow levels make travel hazardous in some areas, up to 10 inches of snow are falling
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and we will show you where the rain is falling right now, unless we have a live report in the sierra coming up. a deadly train accident happened in palo alto, a union pacific freight train killed a man and live in palo alto, they have more questions investigators want answered. >> reporter: this is a residential neighborhood and you can see it is clearly marked saying it is an active railroad, even a sign saying there is help offering crisis help and they are not sure whether this man was trying to beat the train or trying to do it on purpose. a freight train traveling southbound said a man walked in front of it and he was struck
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and his body was found seven blocks away near the tracks. police are investigating and the train was carrying lumber he and other cargo and the only witnesses may have been the train crew. three caltranss were held up because of the investigation ban by 1 da -- vex and by -- investigation and by 1230 you can see the tracks were clear and this is not going to affect the morning commute at all. the manhasset not been item -- man has not been identified from this accident and police may have more answers later on this investigation but again union pacific police want to reiterate the dangers of being around railroad crossings with a sign that mentions $271 fine for going around the gate when it's down reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:05, a bail
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hearing for olympic track star oscar pistorius who is accused of killing his girlfriend will continue tomorrow morning. the court had to delay the hearing after oscar pistorius broke down in tears. during that hearing he broke down said he thought she was a robber and he also said he loved her and he would never intentionally kill her. we are learning more about the cricket bat and he used that bat to break down the bathroom door where he found his girlfriend shot to death. he carried her downstairs and he felt horror during the entire situation. family member and friends said farewell to reeva steenkamp she was a model and law school graduate. funeral services are being held
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in port elizabeth. after the ceremony her body will be cremated. they will head-off spending cuts due to kick in march 1st. white house sponsors could lose their -- responders could lose their jobs if spending cuts go into effect and the deficit will end with closing loopholes but they are insisting on a plan with only spending cuts. an internet security firm said they have traced hacking attacks on more u.s. companies to a secret unit of chinese military. coming up, china is responding to the accusation. time now 6:07. the commute will be strange, we have a brand-new crash, where is it? >> northbound 880, this crash
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is on the off ramp of union city, right there, it is underneath the union city sign if you are looking at the map, westbound san mateo dumbarton, if you are driving on 880 you might see that crash and it's a little bit wet, let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, nothing heavy just a couple of drops on our camera and that's all it takes. metering lease went on earlier than they usually do and we have a 10 minute drive time at the plaza. it does look good downtown, 6:08 let's go to steve. well, our system is beginning to move in, another nice e-mail from a friend of mine in venetia, she said oh, my gosh it is so cold i am not getting out of bed and if you think it's cold, wait until later today. we have already had some rain
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and we also had a winter weather advisory and in mendocino some rain is turning to snow and the bullseye will be the santa cruz mountains and if you get home you ought to think about it because it is a very dynamic system on the way. the main emphasis is how much colder and we have gone from upper 60s and 70s to lower 40s and 50s on the high side today. some rain is in caldecott, looks like alamo heading towards concord, present hill, not a lot, a little towards oakland and back on the bay bridge, looks like fso and a little bit around half-moon bay and bellingham. green is turning to white and we have mention precipitation up into mendocino and lake county and that's the main part
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of the system. 40s and 50s and i think thunderstorms with hail, this system is coming in with primetime, late morning, early after noon cold rain, unsettled into wednesday, it might clip us on thursday, and i don't think there will be anymore in the way of precipitation. we are finally getting more in the way of snow since january it has been dry but do you have a little bit of snow, brian? >> reporter: just a dusting at 2027 feet, you can see on the ground it is not much but we will celebrate as we know more is on the way. it was just enough to bring up chain controls on interstate 880, chains dropped and folks were unprepared as we know and more is on the way.
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we didn't see any rain in sacramento and it is on its way, this takes us over the mountains and the condensation kicked up a little bit of snow and winter weather conditions after that long dry spell. we have 75% of normal and normal this time of year e-we would not be able -- this time of year, we would not be able to see 880 and that gives you an idea of how little snow there is. we have a series of storms in the sierra all the way next weekend but come prepared for winter travel finally, sending it back to you. snow will be on the way, weather advisories are on the way until 10:00 a.m. tonight. >> of course we will be tracking this news storm for you all day long and you can take it with you on the smart phone and tablet and that
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includes storm tracker 2 interactive radar. you can get weather alerts by signing up for mobile a new virus is blamed for five deaths worldwide, why scientists say it could be headed to the u.s. and a connecticut school shooting massacre, the new information that may have inspired that gunman. and a proposed project near at&t parkings we will explain.
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. health officials say a new virus which has already killed five people worldwide is headed here to the u.s. most are reported in the middle east and has also been detected in the united kingdom. it includes respiratory and a cough, but it could lead to kidney failure. the scandal over horse meat is widening and beef and pasta sold in italy and spain contain trace amounts of horse meat. they are trying to find out how a variety of products are
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containing horse meat. in al jazeer earlier this year they bought san francisco based television but san francisco will be one of eight cities nationwide for al jazeer to have bureaus and the headquarters will be in washington d.c. the focus will be international news for their programming. china is denying accusations that its military hacked into computer systems. kyla campbell has more on this and a u.s. company said they traced hackers into a secret military division. >> reporter: a secret military division has been hacking in for years and the 60 page report shows hundreds if not thousands of reports to show they work for this military group and the entire existence
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is based on that. they carried out 115 attacks in the u.s. and they have sten information on technology and manufacturing. now china is denying these accusations and meanwhile president barack obama wants you to work with the private companies and share attacks. u.s. should not go on the offensive with china. >> it should be better defense for organizations and also diplomatic pressure washington can bring to beijing on this matter. >> reporter: they did layout more on these computer hacking crimes and we will have more on this when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> a new report claims that the shooter in the newtown
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connecticut massacre tried to top it in norway and law enforcement officers say the gunman saw him competing with the norway shooter who killed 77 people and they called that report speculation which the newtown connecticut shooter only killed 26 people and a final report is expected back this summer. they are trying to reduce gun violence in the area and gun owners can get up to $300 in cash for each weapon turned in. the amount of money will depend on the type of firearm and personal information will not be recorded. the buy back will take place between 10:00 an and 2:00 p.m. in palo alto -- 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in palo alto city hall.
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it is called mission rock development which includes shops, restaurants and offices a long pier 48. now the giants own the land and the chronicle reports say the brewing company offers a second location at that site. the port commission still has to approve the mission. and involving men's basketball coach at cal, they are weighing in on that court side shove, that story is coming up at 6:25. >> i want to check in with sal for traffic. yesterday we were sitting around watching the tumble weeds roll down the freeway, okay now i am exaggerating and we have a lot of traffic coming in from vallejo and berkeley and richmond it is pretty thick and when you get to the toll plaza we have a thick crowd and
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the metering lights were turned on and traffic is filled in here as well. it is about a 20 minute delay and wet weather is all it takes to slow things down. and 880, there is a crash nothing major, most -- most of what we have is people getting back to the grind, let's go to steve. it is beginning to thicken up and we have had some rain here in mendocino but it is up here, boy, this is a cold dynamic system and anything goes, we have a winner weather advisory -- winter weather advisory in mt. diablo and all the peeks. in santa cruz you can see pretty low snow levels but for those of you driving over the santa cruz mountains it is
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highway 17. back over to orinda, there was some snow near hercules and you can see near lafayette, again this is light stuff stretching back over from oakland to parts of the peninsular, san mateo looks like fso, but look what is changing up to the north here, lake mendocino, it is starting to fill up and it is on its way, kind of hit and miss showers up towards marin county but upper 40s and 50s and it's going to be a cold day. up in the sierra nevada, a winter weather advisory shows snow around 2000 feet, but near lake level, possibly a foot above that, cold pattern into wednesday thursday, not a lot of rain, but maybe a weak system saturday which stays north of us. >> thank you steve.
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southwest airlines brought air trans two years ago and they are starting to connect flights from both carriers. as of last night they had to buy one ticket for their portion of southwest and a second ticket for air trans and by the end of this month, 44 cities will be linked including international ones which will be connected before may. $50 million in diamonds were just stolen this morning, where the diamonds were and how those thieves stole them. plus the amazing story of a dog who saved her family from a burning home and we will tell you what makes this dog unique and why she is now being called a hero. well, well, well.
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. >> police in belgian stole $8 million worth of diamonds. the armed and masked men crashed with two cars that had flashing blue police lights and drove on to the tarmac which was loaded with passengers. the men were dressed as police officers and had machine guns and they took 120 boxes most
6:28 am
containing diamonds estimated to be $50 million and they are still looking for more clues. the men's basketball coach at cal is expected to have more to say about that controversial court side incident. he let his emotions get the best of him when he shoved allan crab at the pavilion. yesterday the packed conference said leyland said the not go fa enough. leyland wants them to suspect him for one game but he said he was angry because he felt his star player was not giving it his all. a blind dog is being credited from saving her owners from a fire over the weekend. she alarmed them even before smoke detecters went off. the back patio was lit on fire
6:29 am
and luckily nobody was hurt. nice job eli. just getting word of a new crash southbound 680 near 2 had and it looks like no injuries, that one just came in. let's have a look at the commute, getting to highway 17 that traffic is moving well and also on the sunole grade heading south, it's more crowded than yesterday, let's go to steve. the main core of this system is moving towards sonoma and lake county and it is on its way because of the cold nature of this system and we have winter weather advisories and also temperatures will be very cool. possibility of thunder showers and hail, a lot is going on today. getting closer to 6:30 we have seen storms moving and we have rain in the east bay, but
6:30 am
we will have alive commute as -- a live commute as rain is packing the roads today. a massive tree topples and we will tell you everybody made it out safely. we will tell you the stocks to watch next is the opening bell. atever you want, baby.
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let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? she's beautiful smart and sensible. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's extra value menu. the simple joy of having more to love. ♪ . right on time, the opening bell after a three-day weekend celebrating president's day, there is just one of the judges from top shelf, dale simmons is celebrating and i'm not sure, not up to date on the show, maybe there are some chefs and it's a great show, so just to make you hungry this morning maybe, and we will have all the stock shows coming up. we will say good morning,
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welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news, i am dave clark, february 19th and we are on storm watch. your commute will be a rainy one as wet weather moves in and out of several bay area communities. live in petaluma, the rain just picked up a couple of minutes ago. you are getting wet again, is that right, alex? >> reporter: yes, just ten minutes ago we saw another burst of rain and we are right on 101 and more rain in this area means the roads will be that much more slick so obviously you may want to take your time as you head-off to work. we did have some steady rain that came down and it started 4:30 and the roads were quite wet, that ban of rain moved through quickly for about a half hour or so but the roads
6:34 am
will remain slick. give yourself some extra time of course. a lot of folks could see up to a half inch of rain and all is said and done and they are very happy about all of this, they had the third dryest january especially in the south bay where their reserviors are only 50% full right now. out here in petaluma, where again, the rain is continuing to fall and we will continue to monitor conditions here and let you know how the road conditions look and of course the heavier stuff is beginning to fall and we will be here in petaluma and let you know how the rain looks. >> don't forget, grab an umbrella and compared to a typical year, santa rosa is closer to their average and
6:35 am
they are at 93% rainfall, san francisco 8 5% and oakland airport, 83% and san jose, is 80% of normal. that is a nice pretty picture and this is near sarasota springs and sugar bowl area. it looks like the roads are wet and clear for the travel up there. snow levels could drop as low as 1,500 feet and that could make it treacherous and up to 10 inches of snow is expected to fall. you can take our storm watch coverage with you on the go with you on your smart phone or interactive radar and you can sign up for alerts as well on a tree came crashing down on an east bay home and tara moriarty joins us to show us
6:36 am
the damage in mt. diablo and how long it could take to move, it is a huge massive oak tree, right tara? >> reporter: crews are already removed much of the tree and they have it piled up on the side of the house and if you look on the roof there is still much more to remove. around lunchtime they heard what sounded like an explosion, a heritage oak tree five feet in diameter near mt. diablo road. wednesday's husband was cracking jokes about how much firewood he would have now. >> we are going to split it and burn it when i get my fireplace and my wife is always complaining that we don't have
6:37 am
enough wood well, that problem will be no more. >> he even had the tree inspected and you can imagine how shocked he was when the tree came crashing down onto the house. >> reporter: firefighters covered it with tarps to keep the rain out and at some point they are expected to arrive with a crane to hall the rest of this tree out of here. >> time now 6:35, some men are involved in a weekend crash and the manhasset died from his injuries. harry from oregon was on a small boat that collided with the ferry yesterday afternoon. the owner of the motor boat is in the hospital and the speed of the motor boat may have been a contributing factor to this crash. the crippled carnival crews
6:38 am
ship and investigation is expected to wrap up. investigators want to figure out what caused the league and when the line was the last inspected. they said the crew did -- and i am quoting, a very good job with the fire and not allowing it to spread to other parts of the cruise ship. they are asking for information to be made public and some say white house officials would take back the leaked information if they could. the white house said it is merely a backup plan incase congress is not able to come up with an immigration overall of its own. governor brown wants to give education back to local school districts. in a state of address, he is
6:39 am
against punishing public schools if their students students don't perform well and they are giving low income learner students. >> they are asked to be on high alert after a woman reported being raped on campus. he is 5-foot 11 inches white man, green eyes, tattoo on his right bicep. the woman was attacked as she walked on the trail and it happened sunday 12:30 in the afternoon. >> it is usually not this desolate, there are people everywhere and it's lit at night and i never really think about that as being something that would happen. >> campus police say they have
6:40 am
increased patrols and both will be holding a public forum to talk about what would happen with other reason incidents. many in pittsburgh are expected to take a final vote on a medical marijuana ban. reportedly they recommended a citywide ban to prevent robberies and other criminal activity and if approved the ordinance would take affect in 30 days. they are trying to shut down internet cafes that double as illegal gambling operations. three cafes have been offering sweep steaks games online. letters were sent to the businesses telling them to shut it down and the only first will impose a 45 day moratorium
6:41 am
while solutions are being considered. we have rain in walnut creek and caused a crash? >> yes, now i am going to put it on a map, 680 and 24, several vehicles are involved and traffic is backed up all the way to 242 so please give yourself extra time if you are driving on 680 heading south out of concord and unfortunately it is wet there as well, on 880 westbound as you drive from panola to richmond, traffic is moderately heavy and near northbound south 82, it is getting busy there as well and we have a 15 to 20 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. once you make it, traffic is moving along nicely on to that span and you can see some of the lights makes for a pretty
6:42 am
picture. it's not too heavy yet but it is on its way. we have not had much rain and we were doing so well and boy is this a cold system. 30s and 0s on the temperatures and some of the high temperatures will not traffic much further than upper 40s and 5 ross. -- 50s. the system has a lot of strong dynamics, clouds and showers hitting us and we turn from a quarter inch to a half inch and very low snow levels which may be down to around 2000 feet. we have a winter weather advisory and i will focus on the santa cruz mountains because by the afternoon that could be an area of interest. there is some light rain around, pockets of it around
6:43 am
hayward back towards san leandro and there has been some at the peninsular and also to redwood city and shannon said there is a little bit of misty conditions in semolina, some of that is turning to snow on the 101 corridor and back over to santa rosa we had a few reports of light rain. 40s and 50s on the temperatures and that will do it today and the sierra nevada, almost all the mountains even down to las vegas this system will making an impact. cold rain today and kind of a cool cold pattern into thursday and it does look breezy sunny as we go into the weekend. all right, thank you steve. 6:41 is the time, beachgoers
6:44 am
are very upset and it involves police who have launched an investigation and see lions. -- sea lions e-pregnant sea lions. good morning, northbound 101 san francisco traffic looks good on the 880 split, we will tell you more about the bay area commute and bay area weather, stay tuned. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler
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. good morning, cloudy cold, light rain, heaviest to the north, also the northern sonoma things will pick up very cold snow levels. there is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, another emotional day in south africa for olympic at least oscar pistorius, a bail hearing was delayed until tomorrow and oscar pistorius broke down in the courtroom. he admitted to shooting his girlfriend but he said he didn't mean to kill her. he said he heard noise and was not able to see inside his home because he claims it was dark. on a separate note nike plans they have no future plans for ads featuring oscar pistorius. and in palo alto, a train
6:48 am
hit and killed a man as he was crossing churchill avenue. this morning's commute is not affected by last night's fatal accident. and a home is now red tagged. a massive oak tree has crashed down on it. they are worried the roof of the house on mt. diablo road may collapse. nobody is being allowed inside that house. tonight oakland city leaders are considering a resolution to keep chp patrolling the city. they will talk about how much it will cost to keep the extra help, brian? >> reporter: well, the chp already patrols the streets of oakland and now the new deal is extended and will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars but it would begin on march 1st if it is approved tonight. now city council will vote on
6:49 am
$162,000 to pay for extra patrols from the so much a and it would pay for 10 extra patrol officers which would be paired up in teams of two. now the deal would add patrols during the week and it would be for the next 60 days. this is not the only time they have worked things out and the chp began helping oakland pd with patrols. they decided to extend until it was ironed out. city council will vote for at least the next couple of months and this is considered a temporary fix and they are reporting they have hired bill bradden but if this vote is going to be approved they would need two thirds of the city council to approve the vote. ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new seal camera has
6:50 am
captured some disturbing nighttime video. two women are caught harassing two pregnant seals. people come from all over the world to see them and they are upset to find out somebody was hurting them. >> knowing they are pregnant and chasing them into the water and doing gestures and sitting on them, it is a horror show. >> police say it is against the law to disturb them in any way and they are now calling on the city to increase enforcement of the beach. elementary schools are learning about chinese culture at a new lunar event in oakland. this is a celebration, how do they do that, pam? >> police in oakland and emoryville includes plate spinning and lion dances and they are now looking into county board of supervisors and bart sponsoring that event. and a big chinese parade is
6:51 am
considering floats and costumes and a lot of everything. >> oh, it is awesome. >> it dates back to the 18 60s and you can of course watch it right here saturdays starting at 6:00 p.m., we will be in the parade as well and we want to see you. >> a lot of drums and fire crackers and we will come by and say hello. a crash in daily city . that's right, there is a crash reported and we are getting word it is in the left lane. somebody is trapped inside one of the vehicles northbound 280 at hickey boulevard and watch for slow traffic, this traffic is going to be slow going the other way because on that part of the freeway, it is flat and you can clearly see to the other side so if you are driving southbound, you will see some traffic in the area.
6:52 am
the other spot is walnut creek and at highway 24, it sounds like there could have been two minor accidents but traffic is backed up heading on down to walnut creek. let's go to live pictures at the bay bridge, backed up for a 25 minute delay before you make it on to the span and it is getting thick on 287 and montague expressway as you drive towards the valley. let's go to steve. it is getting cold and colder tomorrow and there have been some bursts of rain and snow in mendocino county it is a nice twitter picture and mendocino county, we have had a little bit here and our system is here, the cold low and it will settle over us more like afternoon and things can really pick up later on. 37 in livermore, that is wrong and 40s for almost everybody
6:53 am
and 50s for them and i just heard from greta and no snow yet e-things are really picking up clover dale -- hillsboro and northern napa and sonoma and there is not a lot here, one ban is stretching in the east bay and over back towards parts of the peninsular and it is falling apart on 580 heading to caster valley and also redwood city and back over to the san mateo coast but not a lot. 40s and 50s on the temperatures and there is a possibility of thunder showers. all the mountains are under some kind of an advisory and even arizona by tonight and tomorrow, keep that in mind there will be some big changes for the coast as we head into
6:54 am
the weekend. japanese regulators on board had to make an emergency landing last month. the jet was forced to land after its main battery failed. now the second battery showed signs of swelling and they are not sure if that caused another fire but the entire fleet remains grounded. a light spectacular, they are testing out a new $8 million light project, when you can expect those lights to stay on for good >> >> the new honor, matt cain is just weeks away from accomplishing.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
. welcome back, we are taking you live to the big board, s&p 500 is also up about the same. nearly 40% this morning so we will keep watching the numbers for you. a new video to show you, this is a really cool site, officials are featuring 2 5,000 led lights and the lights will stay up on the western span of
6:58 am
the bay bridge for two years and the official lighting ceremony will be held on march 5th. san rafael is considering hiring a team to work on the homeless problem. they are deciding on a $272,000 contract for the palo alto nonprofit organization to help homeless people find homes and jobs and they will be cleaning up the city. and san francisco 49ers executive died over the weekend. he died at the age of 92 on sunday and his funeral service is scheduled for next tuesday at the catholic church in red wood city. in addition to his work with the 49ers he was with the bay area hall of fame in 1979. yesterday the manager bruce
6:59 am
bruce bochy -- bruce bochy led the world series and of course he pitched a perfect game in june and he starts four straight seasons in which tim lincecum was the opening day starter. despite his strong performance, he will be the opener in the postseason. there is a new crash in daily city, dave and pam, northbound hickey boulevard, a person is trapped or reportedly and traffic will be busy in this area. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, so is southbound to walnut creek. let's go to steve. well, a very cold system is dropping in and we already had a little bit of rain and this is not a big rain system, a quarter to a half inch. very low snow levels and this system is

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